The lessons cost $37 for a half-hour session. A usual monthly lesson plan includes four half-hour sessions which cost $148 ($37 x 4).

You aren’t tied into any long-term arrangements. You simply pay in advance for the next four lessons. If you aren’t satisfied with the lessons, let us know and we will refund any unused balance on your account. Some of our students are businessmen who travel quite a lot, and they tell us that they appreciate very much that we don’t charge them if they need to skip lessons because they need to travel on short notice.

In other words, if you pay for four lessons, you get four lessons, even if you don’t manage to get them all done in the span of a month. As long as you notify us at least an hour in advance of the lesson time, there is no charge. We understand this is not common practice with other piano studios. You may also want to consult our studio policies for clarification.

Your first lesson is FREE!
You have nothing to lose, so schedule a 1st appointment, then decide.

Different lesson and payment plans are also available. Contact us to make special arrangements such as longer or more frequent lessons. Regardless of the frequency or duration of the lessons, each student will need to practice at home, almost every day for at least 5-15 minutes in order to show progress.

We find that the parents who bring their children for lessons twice a week notice an accelerated progress, and it’s simply because their children get exposed to music twice as much, during structured, pre-scheduled lessons.

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