Piano Lessons Founded by Ligia Pop in 2005, the Fun Piano Lessons studio offers private piano lessons in the North Bethesda and Washington DC area.

The studio has (at this time) one teacher, Andrea Langevin, who is classically trained, with over two decades of professional musical education and experience. Our studio has more than 70 students ranging in age from children as young as 3 to senior citizens.

We don’t believe in the slow, stagnant teaching that will have you playing the same tired exercises and staying at the same level for months on end. We will sit down with you and identify your goals, then set a lesson plan to match those goals and challenge you to visibly improve your piano playing.

Your first lesson is FREE!
You have nothing to lose, so schedule a 1st appointment, then decide!

We promise not to exhaust and bore you. Our lessons combine a friendly, approachable manner with an involved, caring attitude. We have been told that we have a lot of patience and that we really take the time to teach the students the basics of piano playing. We do this in order to lay a solid foundation upon which you can build. Our teaching speed will be consistent with your ability to absorb the new materials.

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