Teaching Style

We vary our teaching methods based on the needs of the student, though we normally use methods such as Alfred, Faber, Bastien, Schaum, Janet Vogt & Leon Bates, Hal Leonard and Thompson. We teach classical music and many other different styles of music, including jazz, blues, rock and roll and pop.

We will take students as young as 3 and a half years old but not younger, and there is no upper limit. Ligia’s oldest student was 84 years old. We teach children only if they are ready for lessons and able to pay attention to the concepts taught by us. This of course depends on each child and we can decide after the first trial lesson if we should continue. If your daughter or son is a child who easily interacts with other children and if she or he is not very shy, they are probably ready for piano lessons. Furthermore, in order to be ready, the student needs to know and recognize the letters of the alphabet from A-G, forward and backward.

For our younger students, we normally use the Alfred method – Music for Little Mozarts which is our favorite, combined with our favorite exercises, crafts and games, to create an attractive and fun lesson format. Please realize that at younger ages, students cannot learn to play the piano immediately and certain introductory/preparatory phases have to take place first. We usually divide the lesson into time periods, each with their own activity, and this helps the younger children stay focused and motivated.

We don’t believe in the slow, stagnant teaching that will have you playing the same tired exercises and staying at the same level for months on end. We will sit down with you and identify your goals, then set a lesson plan to match those goals and challenge you to visibly improve your piano playing.

This does not mean that we will exhaust you. Our lessons combine a friendly, approachable manner with an involved, caring attitude. We have been told that we have a lot of patience, and that we really take the time to teach the students the basics of piano playing. We do this in order to lay a solid foundation upon which you can build. Our teaching speed will be consistent with your ability to absorb and master new material.