Studio Policies

  • 24 hours cancellation policy: the full rate, $37 will be charged for all lessons canceled with less than 24 hour’s notice prior to the scheduled time this time is reserved for you.
  • Students who miss/cancel more than three lessons each month are subject to immediate dismissal. It is not fair when you don’t show up for your lessons but keep a highly preferred time slot unavailable to others.
  • Payments are to be made in advance for the next 4 lessons ($148 – $37×4), by cash or check, at the time of your first paid lesson. A 10% late fee will be assessed for payments beginning 2 weeks after their due date.
  • Payments are to be given in person to the teacher.
  • The cost for the books is NOT included in the cost of the lessons.
  • The first lesson is free (only one per family, please) and there are no strings attached. Both the teacher and the student reserve the right to discontinue the lessons at any time. There is no cost for the FREE lesson.