Here are actual testimonials from Ligia’s piano students:

“Dear Ligia, when I first contacted you about piano lessons for my daughter, Claudia, who is just 3 yrs old, I thought I would get dismissed right away because of her age. Instead, you kindly offered her a free lesson and went over the main points of the class appropriate for her age. I felt comfortable knowing that you have experience with kids her age, as well as with adult students; that means your expectations of her music development are high, which is very important to me. I wanted a fun environment for her piano class and, at the same time, a mentor with patience for teaching such a complex and amazing instrument as the piano. Thanks for all your patience and kindness!” — Nicole & Claudia (3 yrs)

The same person, one year later: “We are very happy with the progress our 4-year old daughter has made during the past year, learning the fundamentals of playing the piano from Ligia. Ligia is the most patient piano teacher in the world and knows how to approach an energetic toddler. Ligia teaches our daughter music theory, playing songs and knows how to capture her interest at every single class. We feel very fortunate to have such talented teacher for our child.” — Nicole

Dear Ligia, your patience, kindness, musical talent and expertise made my experience learning to play the piano enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for encouraging me to continue onwards with my piano journey. You’ve been wonderful. — Melanie W. (26)

“Ligia is a knowledgeable and patient instructor. She helped me to improve my playing, and also taught me about music theory. I enjoyed working with her very much!” — Alison H. (20)

“I would recommend Ligia to anyone who is looking for a patient and creative music teacher! She is able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses – weekly – and adjust her lesson to accommodate my speed. This helps me enjoy each week of learning the piano and maintain my interest in becoming a better piano player.” — Jenny W. (36)

“Ligia, I find that Lauren (12 years old) was excited to take lessons from you as well as looked forward to each week’s lesson. You make lessons challenging and rewarding and discipline her when needed. She also had great fun with memorizing her notes. Thanks!” — Lynda

“I’ve been taking piano lessons with Ligia since 2005 and I’m very pleased with the results. I began studying piano at a music store after I turned 45 to fulfill a desire to play piano I have had since I was a kid. I took lessons over two years with two different piano teachers but I got to a point where I felt that I was not making progress so I stopped. A couple of years later I decided to start again but I didn’t want to repeat the experience so I looked for some time until I found Ligia. I’ve been very pleased with her lessons because she challenges me but at the same time she is able to identify the problems I have and assign specific exercises to help me improve until I am able to “solve the problem”. She identifies scores of pieces I like, adapted to a level I can play and enjoy. I can play some pieces now that I had tried before for sometime without making much progress. On top of that, she is always happy so the lessons are fun.” — Sergio Ardila (45)

“How many parents can claim that their kids literally cheer when it’s time to go to piano lessons? Ligia makes learning the piano so much fun that my 2 boys (only 5 and 7) compete for who can practice first! Kids readily respond to Ligia and are eager to spend time with her.” — Nandy W. (40)

“I want to thank you for your kind, patient, and encouraging, yet firm approach to teaching piano. Even though I’ve always wanted to learn to play, I was tentative about pursuing piano as an adult (with limited musical abilities). Your approach has built my confidence, as I progress with each lesson. I also appreciate your understanding that, as an adult, I work and am not always great about practicing as often as I should. You know the demands of an adult student. I’m glad I found you. I’ve enjoyed each lesson and look forward to the next.” — Michelle F. (42)

“My 5-year old daughter always has so much fun with Ligia, who makes learning about music truly enjoyable.” — Su

“My girls really enjoy the lessons with you. They both think that these lessons are fun and they especially enjoy the crafts. I can see the progress in both of them, and especially Julia simply because she is older and plays other instruments. Julia loves to practice and never needs reminders. She would go to the piano several times a day and practice for a few minutes here and there. The music that you select is fun and appropriate. Julia enjoys playing pieces that are both classical and contemporary and we, as parents, enjoy her playing because we can recognize the melody. I think playing music has a positive effect in all areas including academics and sports. It is also wonderful for the kids’ self-esteem once they master new skills. I also noticed that since Julia started playing piano, her violin practice took a quantum leap for the better as well. It is great to have a teacher who is so enthusiastic and warm as you are. Thank you!” — Lola

“Ligia makes piano lessons a ton of fun! She is very patient and because of it she takes the stress out of learning to play piano. I have seen a huge increase in my piano skills over the past year with her!” — Hannah (18)

“My piano lessons are what she says they’ll be…FUN! I have a great time with Ligia and learning how to play piano. She has taken this uncoordinated wannabe and gotten her starting to actually read music. Thanks Ligia!” — A.

“Bilge loves Ligia and her piano classes. Every time he goes to class, he loves it and has a lot of fun. We appreciate Ligia’s patience and dedication. Thank you so much Ligia!” — Arzu Demirkapi, MD

“I like to thanks you for all your kindness with my kids. They improve a lot with your help and we enjoy having you as their teacher. Thank you.” — J.

“Dear Ligia, thank you for teaching my daughter (5) the basics in piano. Your kindess, patience and knowledge brought her joy in playing. We would recomend you to everyone! ” — Stephanie

“After opting for the more ‘convenient’ route of having a teacher from different studios come to the house for the last months, my son is asking for me to bring him back to you. He says he learns a lot more with you and it is also fun. I couldn’t agree more!!” — W.