About Ligia

Ligia Pop
Ligia is the founder of Fun Piano Lessons

Update: Ligia is currently living abroad in Romania and is not teaching piano lessons in the US.

Ligia’s first name is pronounced as “Lee-gee-ah”, not “Lee-ghi-ah” or “Li-she-ah”. Ligia teaches lessons in both English and Romanian.

Ligia started to teach children how to play the piano in 1995, in Romania. She has been a piano teacher in North Bethesda, MD from 2004 until 2009, and she has taught over 200 students in the United States. Her experience and education – gained from 18 years of musical training – will benefit your piano training in ways that you will start to notice right from the first lesson. She is known for her patience and love of working with children and adults of all ages. Her combined and varied experiences and education have proven to be a real help when teaching piano. Here’s what Ligia’s students say about her.

She started studying music when she was 7 years old. She then followed intensive courses in music theory, ear training (including note-reading and solfeggio), piano, voice, music history, choir direction, musical harmony, folk music, counterpoint and vocal interpretation. She completed her pre-conservatory training by sitting for a professional examination in the disciplines of music theory and ear training skills and music history, followed by a baccalaureate examination.

Ligia attended the College of Music at Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania. Her major was Music and Vocal Interpretation of Music. In 2004, she successfully completed an official licensure examination that consisted of research work and vocal interpretation and she obtained her official degree at the George Enescu University of the Arts in Iasi, Romania.

Ligia has published a beginner’s piano method book in June of 2007. It’s a new way to teach children piano, using ways she has found to yield the greatest results through her experience. The book was published in Romania and it is called “Pasi in Lumea Muzicii”, which means “Steps in the World of Music”. Here is the book cover:

Pasi in Lumea Muzicii

To learn more about Ligia’s education, experience and musical activities, you may download her CV.