What Andrea’s students say:

“Andrea is a wonderful teacher. My children were beginners ages 4 and 7 and after only a few months they are playing the piano with enthusiasm and confidence. They practice all of the time (without any nagging from me!) and run to the car each week when I say it is time to go to piano lessons. The piano store setting is an ideal location for the lessons; private and convenient. The system of paying for lessons only one month in advance is easy and affordable. I highly recommend Andrea and Ligia to any parent interested in exposing their child to this beautiful instrument!” — Amy

Dear Andrea, thank you for being such a kind and patient teacher for our daughter (6 years old) this year! It has been wonderful to see her start to read music and play music that she is really excited about.— Katrina

I’ve enjoyed having Andrea as a teacher, and I feel like I’ve made great progress in my time with her. She’s pleasant to deal with and very patient, even when I haven’t practiced as much as I should have! — Bill

Bay has definitely enjoyed her piano lessons with Andrea, and likes her very much. I am very happy that she has stayed interested in playing, and I’m sure Andrea’s pleasant personality has a great deal to do with it! — Laura